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We are expecting to launch HydraSonic™ water based wellness products by the Fall of 2023.
Emerald Earth LLC


Emerald Earth LLC

Our goal is to produce the most advanced water based wellness products in the world utilizing HydraSonic™ water! The first of our beverage wellness products will be the launch of our flagship brand of HydraSonic™ bottled water as it is the most advanced hydration beverage ever developed!

Over six years of research and development has been invested followed with over eight years of human testing to create HydraSonic™ water! Expected launch by the Fall of 2023!

Our brands are designed to revitalize the mind, body and spirit to all whom consumes them!

Best in Health,

Emerald Earth Wellness Team

We are launching HydraSonic the best engineered bottled water on earth!

We are expecting to launch our unique wellness products by the Fall of 2023.