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Chinese, German researchers find “promising" herbal therapy for moderate COVID-19

Emerald Earth LLC is a private broker in North America for Shufeng Jiedu an herbal medicine that is currently being used for treatment for Covid-19 in China and Europe. I have a few documents to review for anyone here in the US who may want to be a distributor or buying it for their athletes involved within professional sports organizations. Shufeng Jiedu can be classified as a dietary supplement to be imported and sold here in the USA. (See label above for more info)

There are only 5.5 million doses available to sell worldwide! Therefor there is a limited amount to purchase. The German manufacturer has a 1st come 1st served policy regarding the sales of Shufeng Jiedu globally!

Shufeng Jiedu according to the German manufacturer has an extensive background as this Traditional Chinese medicine is an optimal alternative option since it already has showed clinical effectiveness in former epidemic outbreaks such as SARS or MERS*. 

The German manufacturer asserts that TCM can be a better option for COVID-19, because this herbal medicine takes effect by regulating the body’s inflammatory response, strengthening the immune system of the body and thereby expelling the cause of the disease on its own*. 

Here is a YouTube video to review on Shufeng Jiedu on German TV:

Shufeng Jiedu, a promising herbal therapy for moderate COVID-19:Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, pathways of bioactive compounds, and a clinical real-world pragmatic study – ScienceDirect

Chinese, German researchers find “promising" herbal therapy for moderate COVID-19

Overview report of studies on Shu feng Jiedu against viral respiratory tract infections and COPD



Backup of Eight to one with the power of plants against the virus

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